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There are numerous alternate dimensions or universes in this shared multiverse. While normally separate from one another, there would be ways to open portals

Known dimensions


Earth-1610 is the home universe of two versions of Spider-Man: a Peter Parker who died at 26, and Miles Morales. It was the Wilson Fisk of this universe that inadvertently opened a portal between six dimensions (theirs and five others).


Earth-616 is the home universe of Peter B. Parker.

In the comics, Earth-616 is the "prime-universe" — the main setting of most of its non-alternate universe storylines.


Earth-65 is the home universe of a Gwen Stacy who became Spider-Woman.


Earth-90214 is a universe with a noir-like environment, set in black and white. It is the home of a Peter Parker in the 1930s.


Earth-14512 is the home universe of Peni Parker in the future (specifically in the 32nd century).


Earth-8311 is the home universe of Peter Porker.

In the comics, Earth-8311 is a universe of anthropomorphic animal super-heroes.[1]


Earth-67 is the home universe of another Spider-Man. Miguel O'Hara visited this dimension with a goober at one point.


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