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"Everyone keeps telling me how my story is supposed to go. Nah... I'ma do my own thing."
- Spider-Man[src]

Miles Gonzalo Morales is a Brooklyn Visions Academy student who was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained spider-like abilities. Initially not wanting to be a hero, he was forced to take up the mantle of the masked vigilante after the death of Peter Parker. After finding the strength he needed to save the city from the Super-Collider with the help of the Spider-Gang, Miles became the new protector of Brooklyn as the ultimate Spider-Man.

While he continued to protect the citizens of New York, Morales gained a new suit as well as fighting to many dangerous supervillains during his own hero work while like his predecessor, he began to have merchandise of any type as well as becoming an new icon to this city like how Peter Parker was in his time getting invite to participate on game shows and TV-Commercials. Upon a fight with a robot that result into a blackout in New York, The Daily Bugle began to incriminating him as a criminal mastermind as well as a menace under the eye of J. Jonah Jameson.

A year and half later, Miles Morales encountered Jonathan Ohnn, a scientist who was affected by the super-collider's explosion. The man, now going by Spot, was calling himself Miles' arch-nemesis but Miles dismissed him, focused on his own problems with his parents. Things would drastically change when Spot started to gain the ability to travel between the alternate dimensions, threatening to take everything he loves.

Concurrently, he was reunited with Gwen Stacy, and his pursuit of her and Spot eventually led him to the Spider-Society. Finding out that his father was about to die and, because it was a "Canon Event", not being allowed to stop it resulted in a conflict with the Society. Miles decided to save his dad and used the Go-Home-Machine to return into his home reality, only to end up in his spider DNA's home universe instead.


Early Life[]

Growing Up in New York[]

"Your name is Miles Morales. You grew up in a struggling immigrant family"
Weber to Miles Morales[src]

Miles Morales was born in the early 2000s in New York City borough of Brooklyn. He was born as the only child of Jefferson Davis and Rio Morales. After his birth his parents would end up marrying and Jefferson would go on to become a cop while his mother became a nurse. As Miles was growing up, his hometown began to be attacked by super villains and other threats which were stopped by the new local superhero Spider-Man. Miles grew up admiring his city's protector, despite his father's reservations about him.

Miles also started to attend Brooklyn Middle School, where he met some of his friends and became a popular kid in the neighbourhood. As he was growing up he became a friendly, humorous, and awkward teenager. He'd end up forming a close bond with his uncle Aaron. His uncle would introduce him to the world of art, spray painting and leaving sticker tags all around Brooklyn. These things would all become hobbies and in the case of art passions that Miles would engage in as he grew up.

Entering Brooklyn Academy[]

Miles tagging 001

Miles' closeness with Aaron and general attitude towards academics drove a wedge between Miles and his father, especially when he won a scholastic contest that enrolled him in the Brooklyn Visions Academy, as Miles was very reluctant to change schools.

Miles ended up passing the school's entrance exam and was allowed to enter the private school. In spite of this, he was reluctant to leave behind his friends and his old school where he was comfortable and popular. His reluctance surrounding his new school occasionally put him at odds with his father.[6]

Bitten by the Spider[]

Starting his first day in this new school, Miles quickly found himself out of place. Before even getting through the door he was embarrassed by his father who ordered him to say "I love you" over his cop car's loudspeaker in front of a bunch of fellow schoolmates. He would end up being late to his physics class and tried to play it off with an Einstein joke, Miles managed to hold a short yet genuine conversation with another classmate, who was the only one who laughed at his joke as a result of how bad it was. Later in the day Miles would attempt to intentionally fail a test to be sent back to his old school by using fake answers. The plan would not get far as he was eventually called out by one of his teachers, who assigned him a personal essay on the topic of elaborating what kind of person he aspired to be, likely in an attempt to make him feel comfortable at his new school.

Stressed out by his situation, Miles temporarily abandoned his essay and his dormitory to visit his paternal uncle, Aaron Davis. The two exchanged a brief yet hearty conversation regarding Miles' new school and a potential love interest, referring to the classmate he had spoken to that day. Aaron decided to give Miles some advice regarding how to approach a girl, demonstrating by placing a hand on his shoulder and giving a seductive "hey," to which Miles found hilarious and unbelievable. Noticing drawings in Miles' notebook, an impressed Aaron took a reluctant Miles to an abandoned subway terminal, which served as a canvas for Miles to freely throw up his graffiti and express himself. Unbeknownst to the pair, a radioactive spider labelled "42," which had escaped from Alchemax lingered in the area, slowly approaching Miles and hiding in his clothing as he worked on his graffiti. With Aaron's help, he managed to complete his drawing. As the pair admired the drawing, Aaron reveals that he and Miles' father used to throw up graffiti back in the day before he took a job as a cop, surprising Miles, who seemed disbelieving of the fact. Aaron then received an unknown text, prompting him to leave the subway. Before leaving with his uncle, Miles turned to his drawing, pulling out his phone to take a picture. At that moment, the spider crawled out of Miles' sleeve, biting him in the hand. Unfazed by the spider's odd appearance, Miles calmly slapped the spider, killing it swiftly. After watching it fall to the floor, Miles quickly forgot about the spider and left the subway after being called over by Aaron, who seemed oblivious to the spider.[6]

Meeting Gwen Stacy[]

Miles (E-1610) vs Gwen's (E-65) hair 001

Miles' fingers get stuck to Gwen Stacy's hair

The following day, Miles underwent a bizarre series of changes, including a growth spurt and the ability to adhere to materials and surfaces. Freaked out by the sudden changes, a panicked miles stumbled across the classmate he had met the day prior, who awkwardly introduced herself as "Wanda", mistaken by Miles as "Gwanda". Unable to properly listen to "Gwanda" speak due to the stress, Miles awkwardly tried to heed Aaron's flirting advice. In a seemingly slow manner, he flopped his hand onto "Gwanda's" shoulder and awkwardly said "hey," to which she seemed confused yet relatively unfazed by. After realizing the situation, Miles quickly made his leave, but soon found his fingers attached and completely stuck to the girl's hair. Confused, "Gwanda" requested that Miles let go, to which he tried his hardest and failed, causing a commotion. The two resorted to shaving that part of "Gwanda's" hair off. Miles anxiously attempted to properly greet the girl afterwards, the latter of which seeming unamused.

Miles and Spider-Man comic book 001

"There can't be two Spider-Men... can there?"

Embarrassed and overwhelmed, Miles ran off, attempting to ignore the crowds of students quizzically gazing at him after the events that transpired, accidentally provoking the school's head of security, who attempted to confront the boy after finding out he had snuck out of his dormitory the previous evening. Miles found himself rushing into a room, which happened to be the head of security's office. Panicked, Miles fell out of the office window, managing to stick to the side of the building. Surprisingly, he was only spotted by "Gwanda," who seemed confused, albeit somewhat amused. After a struggle, Miles eventually navigated his way to his dorm room, where he discovered a comic book owned by his roommate. The book displays the origins of Spider-Man, causing Miles to realize that he was experiencing a distinctly similar transformation.[6]

Death of Spider-Man[]


Miles meets Spider-Man

Wanting to convince himself that he was not turning into another Spider-Man, Miles searched for answers over the course of the evening, leading him to the abandoned subway terminal Aaron took him to, where he was bitten by the spider. Upon finding the dead spider, Miles slowly calmed himself down, noticing how "boringly normal" the spider looked. That was, until Miles prodded it, causing it to glitch and spasm. This startles Miles, but before he can question it, Miles "senses" danger nearby, his senses leading him to a facility deeper into the abandoned subway. There, he witnessed Spider-Man himself battling Green Goblin. Shocked and slightly awestruck, Miles took the time to record the battle on his phone, but was eventually unintentionally pulled into the battle, causing him to begin falling from a deadly height. Noticing the helpless boy with his spider-sense, Spider-Man hurriedly swung down and saved Miles, landing him safely on solid ground. A moment later, the pair's spider-sense both went off simultaneously, causing Spider-Man to realize that Miles had capabilities identical to his own. Intrigued, Spider-Man informed him that he would help train him.

Spider-Man briefly leaves Miles to finish his fight with Green Goblin. In the midst of the battle, Kingpin activates the Super-Collider, which the battle had been taking place in. Just before the Collider was overloaded, Green Goblin pulled Spider-Man directly into the Collider, causing Kingpin to panic. As a result, dimensions collided, causing other Spider-People to be flung out of the Collider, unbeknownst to everyone involved in the battle. A moment later, the Collider exploded and was partially destroyed. Miles, who seemed relatively uninjured, wandered the wreckage. He was quick to find Spider-Man, who was severely injured in comparison to the former. After assuring him that he was alright, Spider-Man gave Miles an override key and requested him to finish the job for him and destroy the Collider for good. Kingpin, Prowler and Tombstone had heard the pair's voices, however, causing Spider-Man to quickly send Miles away, who ran and hid, but watched from a distance. Spider-Man and Kingpin exchanged a brief conversation, which soon resulted in Spider-Man claiming that he knew Kingpin's plan was, which was to revive his deceased wife and son. Enraged, Kingpin brought his fists down on Spider-Man, ultimately killing him entirely. Shocked, Miles accidentally made a sound, alerting the three. Watching Miles run, Kingpin ordered Prowler to pursue and kill him.

After a lengthy chase, Miles managed to escape, retreating to his actual home. Hearing him climb through his bedroom window, Miles' mother and father, Rio Morales and Jefferson Morales, discovered him. Before they had a chance to question his absence from school, the distraught Miles quickly hugged his father, who seemed confused yet concerned regardless. Unable to explain what had happened, Miles requested that he stays at home for the night. Jefferson reminded Miles of his commitment to the school, before his mind was changed by Rio. Before his parents left the room, Miles questioned Jefferson if he really hated Spider-Man as much as he claimed. Jefferson seemed unsure of the answer, but gave a hesitant yes. He soon left, leaving Mlies and Rio alone, the latter of which reminding the former that his father loved him, which is his reasoning for being so strict with him. Afterwards, Rio left the room, leaving Miles to stare at the override key. Meanwhile, Rio and Jefferson sat together in the living room, watching the news. At that moment, they quickly learned why their son was so upset, as the news was announcing Spider-Man's death, as well as revealing his identity as Peter Parker. Rio, and surprisingly Jefferson, both seemed shocked and saddened by the news. The family, along with the rest of the city, grieved Spider-Man's death. The next day, basing off his next steps on the Spider-Man comics, Miles attempted to train. Unfortunately, in the midst of his self-training, he managed to accidentally destroy the override key after falling from a short building.[6]

Collider Crisis[]

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Meeting another Peter Parker[]

While at Peter's grave one evening, Miles was approached by a man who looked like an older Peter. Miles, still with no control over his powers, electrocuted the man. Miles ran from the authorities with the older Peter in tow and questioned him, discovering that the man was another Peter Parker from another dimension, pulled to his by Kingpin's machine. Peter seemed adamant about not involving himself with Miles' problem and was initially only concerned about using the machine to get home, but Miles was able to guilt trip him into helping him ensure that the machine can be destroyed once he's been sent home.

The pair travelled to Alchemax where Peter ordered Miles to stay outside, though he eventually snuck in when he saw Fisk arrive. In a panic, they ended up learning about another unique ability of his: invisibility. Because Peter was trying to distract the head scientist, Olivia Octavius, and Miles couldn't figure out how to extract the information needed for their new goober, Miles decided to sneak away with the whole computer. Doc Ock and the security gave chase and they would have been caught if not for the arrival of Miles's classmate "Wanda", who then properly introduced herself as Gwen Stacy — the Spider-Woman from another dimension.[6]

Meeting More spider-people[]

The three headed to Queens, to the home of this world's Aunt May. There, in Peter's shed, they were introduced to three more displaced Spider-People: Peni Parker, Peter Porker, and a black-and-white Peter. Knowing someone would have to destroy the machine behind those who will go home, Miles volunteered so that no one would have to sacrifice themselves. The group, except for Peter who tried to stand up for him, put an unwilling Miles' spider abilities to the test and were visibly disappointed when they realized that he hadn't mastered any of his abilities yet.[6]

Spidey vs Prowler (Miles E-1610) 001

Duel at Aunt May's House[]

Pressured and alone, a crestfallen Miles turned invisible and left the bunker to try and figure it out on his own. He went to his Uncle Aaron's in hopes of asking him for advice and ended up accidentally discovering that his uncle was in fact the Prowler. The Prowler felt his presence and chased him off and later tailed him, as he made his way to the rest of the Spider-Gang. Miles warned the Spider-Gang of his uncle working for Kingpin before they came under attack by Doc Ock, Scorpion, Tombstone, and Prowler. The battle scattered the Spider-People momentarily, leaving Miles with the Prowler.[6]

Losing Uncle Aaron[]

"Uncle Aaron... This is my fault."
"No, Miles. I'm sorry. I wanted you to look up to me. I let you down, man. I let you down."
―Miles Morales and Aaron Davis, during the latter's final moments[src]

In a last ditch effort to appeal to his uncle, Miles unmasked himself, stopping Aaron in his tracks. A stunned Aaron unmasked himself, put Miles' back on, and stepped away, defying Fisk's orders only to get shot by Fisk himself. Miles swung away from the scene with his uncle and the pair bid their goodbyes. Miles's mourning was interrupted by the arrival of his father; though he managed to get away, his escape made Jeff assume that he was responsible for Aaron's death and an APB was put out for him.[6]

Becoming the new Spider-Man[]

Having A Leap Of Faith[]
"When will I know I'm ready?"
"You won't. It's a leap of faith."
―Miles Morales and Peter B. Parker[src]

Devastated and even more confused about what to do next, he returned to his dorm room and was quickly tracked down by the rest of the Spider-Gang. Miles insisted that he would be the one to shut down the collider, and though Peter was the one who had faith in him in the beginning, he showed Miles that he wasn't ready when Miles couldn't free himself from Peter's grip, either by electrocuting him or turning invisible on command. Peter webbed Miles up to prevent him from following them and took the goober and the others left for Fisk Tower.

Miles and Jeff (E-1610) 001

Jeff talking to Miles

While bound and gagged, Jefferson arrived and, speaking outside his door and assuming that the silent Miles was just ignoring him, tried to apologize to Miles for his shortcomings; though his father seemed to want to tell him about Aaron's death, he was unable to and instead said that he did not want them to drift apart. Jeff told him that he was proud of Miles and believed in his ability to be anything he wanted. Inspired, Miles managed to build up enough energy for a bioelectric blast and freed himself from his restraints.


Miles about to take his leap of faith

Miles returned to Peter's Spider-Man basement, which opened instantly for him and May was already lying in wait, expecting his return. May gave him a pair of web-shooters and a Spider-Man suit for him to use, which Miles spray-painted over with his own design. Miles tested out his abilities in the city and, finally feeling confident that he was ready to become Spider-Man, took the "leap of faith" that Peter had described to him earlier. Self-assured that he was capable, Miles followed the others to the collider and joined in the fight with against Doc Ock.[6]


Miles, Peter, and Gwen amping up for a fight against Doc Ock

Sending Everyone Back to their Universes[]
"I like your suit."
"Thanks. I made it myself.""
Spider-Woman and Spider-Man[src]

Miles swiped the goober from Peter and took control of the collider's beam, allowing the other Spiders to return to their home dimensions. Gwen affirmed that they were friends, and Peter expressed how proud he was of Miles — and that their time together seemed to have changed his mind about having children. Just as Miles was about to send Peter home, they sensed the presence of the angry Wilson Fisk (Earth-1610) nearby and prepared for a fight. Peter was about to stay, not wanting Miles to die, but Miles flipped the tables and did on Peter what Peter did to him earlier and dangled him over the portal, telling Peter to take his own leap of faith back in his own universe.[6]

Final Confrontation with Fisk[]
"My name is Miles Morales. I was bitten by a radioactive spider. And for like two days, I've been the one and only Spider-Man."

Once Peter was through the Portal, Miles fought the enraged Kingpin while atop the many objects flying around the collider. Fisk overpowered Miles, but when Miles saw and heard his father cheering him on from some distance away, Miles mustered up the strength to perform another venom blast, incorporating his uncle's "shoulder touch" move, and incapacitated Fisk. With Fisk's body, Miles managed to shut down the collider and end the battle.

Miles webbed Fisk up for everyone to see and was unable to stop himself from hugging his father after a phone call with him. Jeff thanked him for his efforts and said he would just "agree to disagree" with his methods. With this save now under his belt, Miles gained the public's approval as the new Spider-Man.[6]

Life as a Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man[]

Defending the City[]

"At the end of the day, I’m Spider-Man and no one can that that away from me."

After saving New York from the collider, Miles Morales began saving Brooklyn from various threats at the same time that Morales began to gain a large following in New York City. At the same time that he saves the city, Miles would gain more confidence in his personal life, managing to finish the essay that his teacher left him. At the same time, he begins to get closer to his father, who with him make a graffiti of the late Aaron Davis as he revealed his secret and became best friends with Ganke Lee.[6]

Facing Villains[]

Later as Spider-Man, Morales would continue to defend Brooklyn from any threat such as robbing's, accidents and most importantly supervillains. Or as Miles began to call them Villains of the week. One of these villains was Armadillo which became a recurring villain of Spider-Man which the aforementioned does not take seriously. With the passing of time, and with the confrontation against various villains. Due to the pass of time, Miles Morales would create a new version of his suit using it to continue fighting against the people who threaten his city.[7]

Becoming Controversial[]

"I made a mistake."
―Spider-Man to the citizens of New York City[src]

Due to the passing of time, Miles would continue fighting against the villain and saving the city while Aunt May would reveal to him that she was going to Florida thing that with his super strength Miles would help her pack the things up to move away. Some time after May left New York, Miles would sign a contract for a baby powder brand to use her image and name to endorse her products. A Thing that would go terribly wrong due to the terrible side effects of the product. Realizing the mistake he made, Morales would upload a video on YouTube as Spider-Man, where he apologized to all the citizens of New York to apologize for the advertising that wrong publicity, a video that had almost 6 million dislikes. He also got to make another mistake after a failed attempted to have a mustached managing to make another video when he apologized to the citizens of New York City.

After a fight with a robot, Morales would become the center of criticism of the Daily Bugle under the watchful eye of J. Jonah Jameson, because he left the city in the dark, Jonah would start saying on the news that he is a menace due to the mistakes Miles makes as Spider-Man.[7]

School Life[]

As he saves the city, Miles begins to strike a kind of balance between his personal life and his life as a superhero while getting help from his friend Ganke Lee, even though he keeps telling him he's helping us. It's your guy in the chair. At some point in his life, Miles had Ganke comfort his parents which didn't go so well. Due to his responsibility as Spider-Man, Miles would skip some classes in order to save the city as the masked vigilante. However, little by little this began to affect his grades. Miles also begins to feel severe guilt for lying to his parents about his double life, sometimes asking what would happen if he told them the truth.

At the same time, Miles begins to miss the members of the Spider-Gang since he just feels comfortable with them, so he began to study dark matter as a way to travel to the universe and see his friends back. . Especially Gwen Stacy since he started to develop feelings for her. Miles would make a graffiti in honour of all the friends he made during this period when the collider was activated, managing to remember that he will always be Spider-Man and no one can take this away from him once he remembers his late uncle's words, that he just need to keep going.[7]

Jonathan Ohnn's Campaign[]

Meeting the Spot[]

Jonathan Ohn, now known as "The Spot" has turned to a life of crime due to his inability to land a job as a direct result of his appearance after the collider incident. He attempted to rob a convenience store by making a small hole through which he could grab the cash stored in the ATM Machine. Due to his inexperience however, he ended up creating a portal that teleported half of the ATM machine to the street right outside the store, which the store owner noticed. A struggle then ensued where the store owner tried to stop Spot but ended up slipping and falling through multiple of Spot's portals. Not long after, Miles drops in to stop Spot, while making a beef patty as he did so. The store owner offered to give Miles the beef patty for free if he could stop Spot and take him to custody. [7]

Battle at the Store[]

"Why do people say ATM machine? The M stands for machine"
―Miles to Spot

The villain formally introduced himself as "The Spot", to which Miles laughed at due to how silly he looked, even making a remark of how Spot calls it an ATM Machine, since the M in ATM already stands for machine. As Spot attempted to make his villain introduction speech, Miles cut him off since he got a text from his parents, asking where he was. Offended, Spot begun his attack. Again, due to his lack of experience with using his powers, Spot was unable to control where and when his portals would appear, and where exactly the portal will lead. Due to this, the duo ended up crashing and tumbling throughout the entire store, wrecking most of it. Prompting the owner to just offer Miles to just pay for the beef patty before the store gets destroyed further. Before Miles could send a reply, Spot portaled both of them out the store and into the streets, continuing their battle throughout the streets of Brooklyn. [7]

Duel at Brooklyn[]

To be added[7]

Disputes with his Parents[]

""I'm Spiderman, I'm not grounded""
―Miles after he got grounded by his parents

Miles' parents planned a rooftop party to celebrate his dad's Jefferson Davis' , up and coming promotion to Police Captain. Miles was already running late as he picked up the cakes as instructed by his mom, Rio. He planned out a message for his dad, but it ended up being way to long to fit in one cake, so he opted to buy 2 instead. With the celebratory cakes acquired, Miles rushed to get back home, only to be stopped multiple times by people who needed Spiderman's help. Eventually, he reached home and masterfully switched from his Spidey suit back to his regular civilain clothes as he climbed to the top where the party was being held. Putting his hood on and sneaking to the party, Miles hoped to set up the cakes and act like he was there the whole time, only to walk into both his parents, who were curious as to where their son had been.

Miles attempted to come up with an excuse, saying how he was just hanging out with some friends. This prompted them to question what friends he was talking about, as they were only aware of Ganke, his roommate. Miles brought up the names of his spider friends, Peter and "Gwanda" still using Gwen's disguise name she intially introduced herself with back when the two first met. Seeing that his parents were still unconvinced, he said how he was just doing regular, boring things that a 15 year old teenager would normally do when on his own. Still unconvinced, the argument escalated further which ended in Miles getting grounded and storming off back to his room. [7]

Reunion with Gwen Stacy[]

"Is Spider-Man grounded?"
―Gwen inviting Miles to go hang out

After slamming the door to his room shut, he scoffed at how he was grounded for 2 months and said that due to him being Spider-Man, he could easily bypass this punishment. He threw off his shoes and jacket before headed to his bed to relax. Before he could, his sketchbook dropped and opened on one of the many drawings he made of Gwen due to how much he misses her. Miles reminisced on his time spent with Gwen and the original spider gang with a bittersweet smile, before closing his book and putting on his headphones to go relax on his bed.


Gwen gives Miles a big hug

As he layed down on his bed, things in his room begun to float, as if gravity itself was being removed. More and more of his things begun to float upwards, before the familiar shape of a multiversal portal slowly opened above Miles' bed. As he was drowned out in his music, we hear the familiar voice of Gwen calling Miles from the portal. Miles begun to take notice as he slowly opened his eyes to see what was going on. He opened his eyes completely to the sight of Gwen hovering over his bed in the portal asking if he's got a minute to hang out. Completely taken aback by what he is seeing, he jolted awake as Gwen jumped down on his bed before closing the portal behind her. Being understandably confused as to what is going on, Miles attempted to ask how Gwen even managed to travel between dimensions. Not letting him even finish his question, Gwen embraced him with a big hug to which Miles awkwardly did the same. Again, still in shock.

He asked Gwen how she has been the past year and 4 months, to which she replied she's been doing great. An awkward exchange between the two began as they were still surprised at the sudden hug Gwen gave him. She then broke the awkwardness by looking around Miles' room, to which he attempted to hide the mess in an attempt to seem grown up and organized. Gwen found an action figure still in its casing on Miles' desk, to which he replied that it was a collectible. Not listening, Gwen ripped the pacakging right off and put the figure back on his desk which frustrated Miles quite a bit. Gwen then saw Miles' sketchbook and quickly grabbed it using her webs before Miles could. Flipping through his drawings, she complimented him on his drawing skills before getting flustered at the amount of drawings he had made of her. She took this much better than Miles thought she would, with her saying how she missed him too.



Miles, asked what she was doing back in his universe, to which she replied with an invitation to go hang out. Miles jokingly said how he was just grounded by his parents which unfazed Gwen. She then asked him if his alter ego, Spider-Man was grounded as well, using his earlier logic of how his being Spider-Man means he's never really grounded. Unable to resist, he gave in and they went swinging throughout Brooklyn. Gwen excitedly caught him up on everything thats been going on during her time in the Spider-Society. As he listened, Miles still made attempts to more or less mimick the moves Gwen is doing to impress her. Gwen invited him to test out his new moves, using her term of "thread the needle, ring the bell." The two went through small and tight spaces between cars and traffic which Gwen expertly maneuvers through, and Miles just barely making it pass.

As they continued their afternoon swing, Gwen breaks off for a moment to continue doing what she was really here for. A mission from Miguel O' Hara to capture Spot. Gwen sets up a camera to keep tabs on Spot before catching up with Miles, making it seem like she was already way ahead and just looped back around to get him. Miles led her to his favorite spot to cool off, that being the Williamsburg Bank Building, giving them the view of the entire Brooklyn skyline. Gwen had seemingly told Miles of her argument with her dad that happened a few months back. Miles asked her if she and her dad had started talking again, which she replied sarcastically as to what they would even talk about, later mumbling under her breath if her dad still thinks she had the heart to kill her best friend Peter Parker. Miles confessed that he has thought of telling his parents of his superhero alter ego before Gwen shuts him down, not wanting him to go through the same pain she did. Miles dwelled on this for a moment before deciding maybe its best some things are just kept between them, which Gwen saw as an interesting way of viewing things.


Gwen leans on Miles' shoulder

Gwen then told Miles that she was glad to have him as a friend and that how it was nice to have someone close to you that shares the same struggles as she does. She finds comfort in it. She let out a sigh to which Miles asked her whats on her mind. She revealed that since the death of her Peter on Earth-65, Gwen has yet to reconnect with people and made actual friends. A streak that was broken by Miles himself when the two met because of Kingpin's colider. Miles jokingly mentioned how he was the first, other than Hobie, to which Gwen replied that her friendship with Hobie was different, hinting at her deeper feelings for Miles. As Gwen tried finding the words to explain why exactly her relationship with Miles was different, Miles completed her thoughts by saying how they were the same in the important ways. She then hints at her feelings for him by revealing how in every universe, a Gwen Stacy variant is fated to fall for Spider-Man, which Miles took as a sign to inch his hand closer to hers, before pulling back as she reveals how it never ends well in any of them. Despite this, Miles stays hopeful, saying how there is always a first time for everything.

Comforted by her friend's hope, she leaned on him as they both watched the sunset casting its light over the skies of Brooklyn.

0-94 92rr

Gwen meets Miles' parents

They eventually headed back to the rooftop party where they took a few snacks and drinks using their webs and hung out under a water reserve tank. Miles began to ask her more of how he could join the Spider Society, to both help in the efforts of capturing Spot and to see his friends as well. Gwen, knowing far more than she's letting on, had to let Miles down easy saying that it was a small taskforce and that there weren't a lot of Slots. Miles understood, though disappointed. He began fiddling with Gwen's multiversal watch as she wonders what to say next, where he accidentally activated what seems to be a beacon which promted Gwen to instantly snatch it back, not wanting Miguel or Jess to find out she was vising Miles instead of completing her task. Gwen apologized for her outburst. Before they could continue chatting, Rio and Jeff had taken notice of the two hanging out and payed them a visit.

Gwen before leaving 1610

"Goodbye Miles"

Miles introduced Gwen to his parents as her undercover name "Gwanda", confirming Miles' story that he was indeed catching up with friends earlier in the day. Rio started teasing the two as she could somewhat see the possible start of a relationship between them, while Jeff being a police officer remained cautious to make sure she wasn't going to be trouble for his son. Before their conversation could go further, Gwen's watch notified her of Spot's disappearance which forced her to leave unexpectedly and only giving Miles a handshake. Rio, worried that she "iced" her son's chances with Gwen gave him a pep talk, befor encouraging him to go after her. Without hesitaiton, Miles suits up and follows Gwen, just far enough to make sure she wouldn't notice. It didn't take long for MIles to find out why she was really in his universe and was shocked that she was actually forbidden to see him. Through his invisiblity, As Gwen wished him a silent farewell, he wanted to reveal himself to her but she already left through the portal before he could do so. Miles contemplated turning back home, but remembering his mom's words and his own eagerness to make sure he can visit his friends, Miles dove into the portal as he gets slingshotted into the universe of Earth-50101. [7]

Arriving to Earth-50101[]

Miles would pursue Gwen into the portal and end up traveling to the universe of Earth-50101, a reality based in Mumbattan in which Spider-Man was Pavitr Prabhaker. Pavitr would immediately introduce himself to Miles while Gwen was visibly dismayed at Miles following her into the universe. Pavitr teased the two on their obvious feelings for each other but the two denied it out of embarrassment. The three of them engaged the Spot and followed him to Alchemax. Spot would lock the 3 behind a barrier as he went to absorb the energy of the collider. Miles attempted to use his venom blast abilities to absorb the energy of the barrier but would be interrupted by Hobie Brown breaking through it with his guitar. Hobie would introduce himself to Miles as he joined the battle, much to Miles jealousy and admiration. The four then attempted to stop Spot but failed as Spot absorbed the energy of the collider.[7]

Learning about the Possible Fate of the Multiverse[]

Spot would isolate Miles from the others as he told Miles about the future that he saw for the both of them. In Miles vision, Spot grew immensely powerful and destroyed vast chunks of his universe. He'd cause a building to collapse on a child resulting in Miles father pursuing the child in an attempt to save it but to fail causing his death. Spot then told Miles that he'd be seeing him back in his universe before departing.[7]

Saving Inspector Singh[]

Disorientated and scared from the vision he just saw, Miles was snapped out of it by Gwen who'd help pull him through the falling wreckage of the building. The four Spider-People would team up in an effort to save as many people as possible from the falling wreckage. Miles saw Inspector Singh and attempted to rescue him although Gwen would try to prevent this out of fear and her duty to preserving the "canon". Miles managed to save both Singh and the child much to Gwen's relief. Soon after saving the citizens, the Spider-Society would arrive to quarantine the area and prevent the canon disruption from going any further. Jess would instruct Pav to stay but Miles, Gwen and Hobie to follow her to the Spider-Society headquarters.[7]


Meeting the Spider-Society[]

Miles, along with Gwen and Hobie were taken to the Spider-Society headquarters by Jessica. Miles was immediately impressed by how big the place was and how many spider-people were involved with it. Miles glitched much to the dismay of Gwen and he was handed a daypass by Jessica. Gwen and Hobie showed Miles around the place as they talked about the various variants they had caught, including one of Miles very own uncle. They eventually made their way to the Go-Home Machine and Miles had a short interaction with Margo Kess before it was cut short by Gwen who had a small bout of jealousy. Hobie told Miles that his independence was one of his most valuable traits and he doesn't need all this.[7]

The 3 finally made their way to Miguel's office and Miguel almost immediately got furious at Miles. He was stopped by Peter B. immediately went to hug Miles and show off his baby to him.[7]

Finding about the Canon Events[]

Miles Morales (Earth-1610) from Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 005

Miles watches Miguel's explanation on Canon Events.

Miguel started his presentation on canon events, explaining to Miles what the multiverse was and the way all Spider-People are connected in it. He told Miles that Gwen had tried to prevent him from breaking the canon when he saved Inspector Singh but Gwen insisted that she was trying to save Miles as well. Miles would realize that his father was supposed to die at the hands of Spot and would immediately grow furious, pointing out to the others how terrible that idea would be to let people die. He'd angrily tell Gwen that she should have never come to see him, causing her to tear up. Miguel would contain Miles in an electric cage in an attempt to contain him and preventing him from escaping the building. Hobie would calmly tell Miles to use his full palm to absorb the energy of the cage and upon doing so he would cause the cage to explode, pushing everyone away in the process.[7]

Escaping from Nueva York[]

Fighting against Miguel O'Hara[]

Miles against the Spider-Society

Miles would immediately begin to run as Miguel pursued him along with the entire Spider-Society. Miles would be attacked by various Spider-People and even non Spider-Humanoids like Pter Ptarker. Miles would eventually break through the window of the Spider-Society HQ in an attempt to escape. He'd soon be caught briefly by a tearful Gwen, immediately breaking the web while shaking his head. Miles dove into the underbelly of Nueva York in an attempt to escape and would be successful until being caught by Peter who had carefully pursued him without him noticing.

Peter attempted to reason with Miles as he told him that the only reason he had Mayday was because he was inspired by him. He begged Miles to listen to him and to hold his baby. Unfortunately for Peter, his watch went off locating the location Miles was at. Realizing that in his mind Peter had just lured him here to catch him, Miles webbed Peter up and escaped by breaking through the floor of the building.[7]

Learning the truth[]
"You knew?"
―Miles Morales to Peter B. Parker[src]

Miles Fighting Miguel (E-928)

"Nah, I'mma do my own thing."

Miles would continue to attempt escaping Miguel's grasp but it would become harder and harder as Miguel caught up to him. Miguel would aggressively grab Miles arm causing his daypass to break making him vulnerable to glitching. Miles would hitch a ride on the high-speed train that was heading to the moon. Miguel would catch up to him and fought him in hand to hand combat, eventually grabbing Miles and chokeslamming him into the train. Furious, Miguel finally revealed to Miles that he was an anomaly, "the original anomaly". He angrily shouted that Miles being Spider-Man was a mistake and the spider that bit him was supposed to bite someone else in a different universe. He claimed that if Miles wasn't bit, Spot would not exist and that his Peter would still be alive.


Miles says goodbye to Gwen seemingly for the last time before hoping off the train. 

Gwen and Peter who had began to catch up with the two screamed that this wasn't what they had talked about. Shocked, Miles asked questioned if they had truly known to which Gwen said that she didn't know how to tell him. Gwen insisted to Miles that this was for his own good with him retaliating that he wasn't a kid and that she doesn't get to decide that. Finally realizing what he must do, Miles put his hand on Miguel and began to absorb the electricity of his suit. Miles told Miguel that he had lured all his employees away from his "clubhouse" and confidently told him that he was going to do things his way before blasting him off the train with his venom blast. Miles stood up as he began to tear up as he looked at Gwen and Peter. He simply said "Goodbye Gwen" before falling off the train, leaving a proud Peter and a guilt ridden but proud Gwen watching him.[7]

Arriving to Earth-42[]

Using his invisibility, Miles snuck into the Spider-Society HQ and began to press all the right buttons in order to start up the Go-Home Machine. A confused Margo tried to figure out what was going on just as Miguel broke into the room and immediately began to try and rip open the containment field the invisible Miles was in. Margo insisted that she was trying to help but once she noticed Miles was in the containment field she made a decision to let him escape to what he thought was going to be his home universe.[7]

Upon arriving in what he thought was his own universe, Miles immediately began swinging in an attempt to get home. Miles was plagued with his anxieties and insecurities as he thought about what Miguel had told him and about all the people in his life. Wounded and exhausted, Miles finally made it into his "room" and spotted his mom.

Revealing his Secret[]
"I'm Spider-Man."
―Miles Morales to Rio Morales[src]

Miles Morales (UnMasked)

Miles gets confused by Rio's response.

Miles immediately embraced his "mother" and began to explain what had been going on with him for the past few months. He told her that he had gone to this big place and met so many amazing people but that they didn't want him and he had beaten them all. He finally revealed that he was Spider-Man....except that his mom appeared to have no idea what he was talking about. Confused, Miles began to elaborate about who Spider-Man was but his mom just kept thinking he was joking. Then, Miles glitched and it all clicked in his head: he was in another universe. Miles stared at the door before seeing his dead uncle walk through it. Immediately feeling emotional upon seeing him again, he hugged him and went along with him to the rooftop. He saw a giant mural dedicated to his father and realized that he was dead in this universe. Miles knew he had made it into the universe in which the spider that bit him came from, the universe that had no Spider-Man to defend it from evil. Before Miles could think much further, he was hit by an elbow and knocked out cold.[7]

Meeting Earth-42's Prowler[]

Miles, determined, prepares to unlock the chains.

Upon waking up, Miles realized he had been chained to a boxing bag by this alternate universe version of his uncle. Aaron began to play one of his records while Miles begged him to let him go, claiming that he knew he never wanted to be a bad person or the Prowler. Aaron aggressively punched the bag before telling this alternate version of his nephew that he wasn't the Prowler. Miles stared at the ceiling and noticed another person, a guy in what appeared to be a Prowler suit. Aaron passed the mysterious figure a Prowler glove. Miles asked who the figure was and the figure asked if his dad was still alive. Miles said he was and the figure simply said oh. Finally revealing his face, he said that his name was Miles Morales and that he was the prowler. Miles insisted to this alternate version of himself that he had to let him go so he could free their father before the alternate version insisted that this was not his father. Miles G. put his glove up against Miles face as he threatened him, asking him why he'd help him. Miles began to slowly rip the rubber gloves that had been placed on his hands as his venom blast began to charge up. He simply smiled at his alternate self, almost ready to initiate his escape plan.[7]


"I see this spark in you. It's amazing. It's why I push you. But it's yours. Whatever you choose to do with it, you'll be great."
Jefferson Morales to Miles Morales[src]

Miles is an intelligent, talented and passionate young boy. He shows interest and talent in hip-hop and graffiti cultures, constantly stamping his art around Brooklyn as a form of self-expression.

Miles is an easy-going and friendly kid, hoping to make friends with his humour. Though popular among his friends at Brooklyn Middle, Miles found himself having a hard time fitting in with the students at Visions whom he considered elitist and either made fun of or largely ignored him. He also has a habit of making jokes whenever he is in awkward situations as a tension breaker of sorts. His potential is recognized by others around him but his own self doubt causes him to believe he is undeserving of his new place at Brooklyn Visions Academy.

Miles journey towards accepting his new role as New York's protector was, despite being brief, a rocky one. Paralleled with his own self-doubt with school, Miles was riddled with doubt and fear about embracing his new abilities. With encouragement from his new friends, his uncle, and his father, Miles eventually found the courage to take the biggest "leap of faith" of his life. Now with the will and determination to do better, Miles began to actively participate in school and began fighting crime in New York more confidently as Spider-Man.

Throughout this, Miles was brave and was also often stubborn, insisting that, despite his inexperience, he would be the one to destroy the collider — both to fulfill his promise to his world's Spider-Man as well as to ensure that none of the trapped Spider-People would have to risk their lives by staying behind for the task.

A year later Miles is much more confident and has grown into his new abilities and role as a hero. While he is a very competent and skilled Spider-Man, Miles struggles to balance his vigilante life with his normal life. This causes him to suffer from extreme anxiety and due to not being honest about his alternate persona with his parents he struggles to find an outlet to talk about his feelings. Miles expresses himself by drawing the people he cares about, especially Gwen. He draws numerous pictures of Gwen as he thinks about her constantly, deciding to change his art dreams to those of physics in an attempt to reach her.

Once he reunites with her their dynamic has changed significantly. Gwen is now the extremely awkward and scared while Miles is more confident in himself due to his emotional maturity compared to Gwen's.

Powers and Abilities[]


"I thought I was the only one. You're like me."
Spider-Man to Miles Morales[src]

  • Spider Physiology: Having been bitten by a genetically-altered spider similar to Peter Parker himself, Miles possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility, spider-sense, and the ability to climb walls.
    • Superhuman Strength:
      Super Strength

      Miles smashing a boulder in two.

      Miles possesses the proportionate strength of a spider, allowing him to lift heavy loads and combat foes that would otherwise overwhelm him. His physical strength also extends to his legs, enabling him to be able to push off the ground to jump great distances and heights.
    • Superhuman Durability: Miles body became far tougher and denser than that of a regular human as he was able to withstand falls from extreme heights, blunt force trauma, and superhuman blows with little damage.
    • Superhuman Speed: Miles possesses the proportionate speed of a spider, therefore he can run and move at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. He is able to traverse several paces while running and web-swinging.
    • Superhuman Agility:

      Miles almost getting ran over by a car and easily landing on his feet.

      Miles possesses enhanced levels of agility that are far beyond the natural physical limits of a gymnast. Even without training, Miles was able to do flips, rolls, springs, and land safely on his feet when the situation called for it.
    • Wallcrawling: Miles possesses the ability to cling onto any surface using just his fingertips and feet, which he, and other Spider-People, had trouble controlling at first.
    • Spider-Sense:

      Miles' spider-sense warning him of a danger nearby (and also giving him auditory flashes of events yet to come).

      When a potential threat is within his vicinity, Miles experiences a buzzing sensation in his head as a sort of a early warning system, allowing him to react accordingly. His spider-sense offers him near complete awareness of his surroundings that, in conjunction with his reflexes, allows him to instinctively dodge or counter attacks directed at him. His spider-sense helps him recognize other individuals with spider-powers, making them have some sort of connection. His spider-sense appear to be more developed than most Spider-People since it can also work somewhat like precognition, allowing him to glimpse the future very briefly; when Miles first experienced this, he heard the voices and words of people that had yet to be spoken.
    • Bio-Electrokinesis: Miles Morales is able to manipulate his inner-bio electricity, using it to absorb energy and strike enemies with electricity.
      • Energy Absorption: Miles is able to absorb electricity through his hands, primarily to increase the powers of his Venom Strike. He can absorb electrical energy by touching an electrically conductive surface with his fingers/palms. This ability has been used by Morales to absorb the electricity absorb the energy from barriers and Miguel O'Hara's suit into his own body.
      • Venom Strike:
        Venom Strike

        Miles using his Venom Strike ability on Kingpin

        Miles is able to produce electricity through his hands to shock his enemies or to inflict damage to nearby devices. His venom strike can be used against an opponent at a distance by conducting it through a material in which Miles and his opponent are in contact. His electrical force was strong enough to knock Peter unconscious, incapacitate Fisk, and destroy Peter's strong webs and his roommate's chair.
    • Spider-Camouflage: Due to the nature of the radioactive spider that bit him, Miles is able to blend himself and his clothing into his surroundings, effectively turning him "invisible" to the naked eye.


"Are you from another dimension? Like a parallel universe where things are like this universe but different. And you're Spider-Man in that universe? But somehow traveled to this universe, but you don't know how?"
―Miles Morales to Peter B. Parker[src]

  • Gifted intellect: Though Miles felt undeserving at first as he got into Brooklyn Vision Academy through a scholarship lottery, Miles is a highly gifted individual. This was noted by his teacher, who observed that the only way he could intentionally get all the answers on a test wrong is by knowing all the correct answers. Additionally, as pointed out by his father, he still passed the school's entrance exam. Miles is knowledgeable in physics and quantum theory, as he was able to deduce that Peter B. Parker was from a parallel universe.
  • Bilingualism: Miles speaks English and Spanish.
  • Skilled combatant: Though not professionally-trained, Miles' spider-senses and reflexes make him a capable melee fighter.
  • Skilled artist: Miles is a highly-talented graffiti artist, being able to utilize his talents to create his own art.



  • Web-Shooters: A pair of web shooters worn on his wrists used by Miles to fire out thin strands of web fluid. Peter's Aunt May made these web-shooters specifically for him and gave it to him once Miles himself felt ready to take on the mantle of Spider-Man.
    • Synthetic Webbing: Morales can generate webs that are a shear-thinning liquid, virtually solid until a shearing force is applied to it, rendering it fluid.

Other Equipment[]

  • Spider-Man Suit: A specialized suit used by Miles Morales to protect his identity as Spider-Man. Morales originally wore a spray-painting version of the original Spider-Man suit nothing more than a suit with red and black colours and red spider-symbol of his own. After a year of being the only Spider-Man of his universe, Miles sketched and designed a new outfit of his own with a newer outline of the spider emblem.

Former Equipment[]

  • Cosplay Costume: At first glance, Morales was Initially wearing a low-budget spider-man suit that he bought at a costume store as a way to give respect to the deceased superhero Spider-Man who end up not being of his size.
  • DayPass: A specialized bracelet used by Miles Morales to avoid glitching in other dimensions. Miles would lose it following a battle with Miguel O'Hara.






  • In the comic, Miles Morales is a teenager who was bitten by a genetically-modified spider similar to the one that bit Peter Parker, and became the new Ultimate Spider-Man following Parker's death. Eventually, he was made a native of the Prime Marvel Universe by a grateful Molecule Man after Miles showed him compassion alongside his parents Jefferson Morales and Rio Morales, who was restored to life after being killed in the Ultimate universe and his uncle Aaron, who donned the mantle of Iron Spider and became his enemy.
  • Miles Morales has an anxiety disorder.[8][9]
  • This version of Miles Morales is a cosmic rarity in the multiverse since he was born in Earth-1610 and even though his cells are still from this universe, his DNA is of Earth-42. Mainly due to the fact that since all spider-people undergo a genetic change once they were bitten by the radioactive spider once Miles was bitten by the displaced multiversal spider Miles' DNA get a changed to match the universe 42.
  • Miles has a Michelle Obama campaign sticker which implies he supports her as a candidate for president of the United States.
  • Miles' in-movie contacts list contains several Easter eggs, featuring names of several Marvel characters and real-world creators, and whether the characters appearances will be considered canon and someday written into the story as people he truly knows, or if they will simply be nods, remain to be seen.

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