"Alright, people, let’s do this one last time. My name is Peter B. Parker. I was bitten by a radioactive spider. And for the last twenty-two years, I thought I was the one and only Spider-Man. I’m pretty sure you know the rest. You see, I saved the city, fell in love, I got married, saved the city some more, maybe too much, my marriage got testy, made some dicey money choices, don’t invest in a Spider-themed restaurant. "
―Peter B. Parker

Peter Benjamin Parker, also known as Spider-Man (initialized as Peter B. Parker in the film), is a vigilante-turned-superhero with spider-like abilities who spent years of his heroic career-saving civilians, but since his life had taken a toll on his body, his conditions had left him a little worse for wear in his current days as Spider-Man. Although Peter never wanted to be a mentor, being pulled into a parallel dimension to his own and training Miles Morales, a teen with powers similar to his, gives him a new positive outlook on life.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider at a young age, and after losing his Uncle Ben, he learned that with great power must also come great responsibility, becoming a superhero known as Spider-Man.

Superhero, Super Disaster[edit | edit source]



Despite his superhero career, Peter suffered a lot of problems, both in his personal life and in health, making terrible business decisions, breaking his back, crashing into a drone, losing his Aunt May, and divorcing from his wife due to the fear of being unable to protect her and the child she wanted to have. Sometime later, Peter had regressed into eating pizza and developing a prominent gut when he was sucked into another universe. There, he learned that his counterpart had died, and came to visit his grave. Unknown to him, someone else with spider-powers was also there, and accidentally knocked Peter unconscious.

More Than One Wears the Mask[edit | edit source]

Gwen takes Miles and Peter to the house of Aunt May, which both Peter and May find difficult as Peter's Aunt May has already passed away and May's nephew of this universe has recently been killed. May leads the three Spider-People to the late Peter Parker's secret bunker, where they are introduced to the universe displaced Spider-Man Noir, Sp//dr, and Spider-Ham. Peter decides to put an unwilling Miles's spider abilities to the test, but are disappointed when they find that he has mastered almost none of them, including his unique bioelectric and invisibility abilities. The group then assembles without Miles and formulates a plan to engineer a new flash drive to shut down the collider, with Peter B. Parker volunteering to stay behind to shut down the collider once the others have returned home. Miles is upset by this, stating that he belongs in the universe where they are and that he should be the one to send them all home and shut down the collider so Peter doesn't have to die, but his plan is shot down because he is viewed as an inadequate member of the team, and not yet a competent Spider-Man.

Miles later comes back to Aunt May's house to warn the others that his uncle is the Prowler. Gwen asks if Miles was followed, and he responds that he doesn't know. However, the villains easily found Miles' location, leading the protagonists to fight the villains in the house. However, after Aaron Davis is shot, Miles takes him away and eventually returns to his dorm room.

After Miles does so, he is approached by Peter and the other four Spiders, who are preparing to launch their attack on the collider. Miles insists he should be the one to shut down the collider, which Peter refuses. Miles protests this, causing Peter to restrain him. Peter tells Miles that if he can activate his bioelectric ability or invisibility on command then he will let him go, but Miles proves unable to do either. Peter webs Miles up and gags him and the other five Spiders depart for Fisk's building.

The New Spider-Man[edit | edit source]

Peter and the other 4 disguised themselves as waiters in order to get past Kingpin, into the collider. From there, he tells the others that he'll put in "the guber," however, he is attacked by Olivia Octavius and the rest of Kingpin's men. After being choked by Octavius, he is saved by Miles, who successfully brings Peter home.

Afterwards, he is seen apparently trying to make things right with the Mary Jane of his dimension.

Personality[edit | edit source]

After being Spider-Man for 22 years, Peter is now jaded and is bored with being a superhero. He lost the will to keep being the hero and hated to be reminded that "with great power, comes great responsibility" as demonstrated when Miles said that to him, he told Miles not to finish that sentence and that he grows tired of it. However, after meeting Miles, the hero within him started to rise again, even being willing to stay behind and deactivate the portal should Miles not be ready to do it. He realized his past mistakes and decided to rekindle his relationship with Mary Jane.

Powers and Abilities [edit | edit source]

After being bitten by a radioactive spider Peter gained various superhuman abilities. He possesses the proportionate strength speed agility stamina and durability of a spider.

  • Spider Physiology: Having been bitten by a genetically-altered spider, Peter possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility, spider-sense, and the ability to climb walls.
  • Superhuman Strength: Peter possesses the proportionate strength of a spider, allowing him to combat foes that would otherwise overwhelm him. Using his strength, he can harm opponents such as Kingpin and Doc Ock with his strikes. His physical strength also extends into his legs, enabling him to be able to jump great distances and heights.
  • Superhuman Speed: Peter possesses the proportionate speed of a spider, therefore he can run and move at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. He is able to transverse at high amounts of paces while running and moving, as well as traveling while web-swinging.
  • Superhuman Agility: Peter possesses great amounts of enhanced levels of agility that are far beyond the natural physical limits of an Olympic-level gymnast.
  • Wall-Crawling: Peter possesses the ability to cling onto any surface using just his fingertips and feet.
  • Spider-Sense: When danger is present, Peter possesses a buzzing sensation in his head as a sort of a early warning system, allowing him to react accordingly. His spider-sense offers him near complete awareness of his surroundings, and in conjunction with his reflexes, allows him to instinctively dodge or counter nearly all attacks. His spider-sense also helps him recognize other individual with spider-powers, making them have some sort of connection.
  • Superhuman Durability: Peter's body is far tougher and denser than a regular human as he can withstand falls from extreme heights blunt Force trauma and superhuman blows with little damage though not invulnerable ( as weapons such as bullets or knives can pierce his skin ) Peter is still rather tough as he was able to endure getting slammed into the ground, having his back broken, punches from Doc Ock's mechanical arms, and getting slammed into a wall struck by Prowler.
  • Skilled Combatant: Peter's spider-sense and reflexes make him a capable melee fighter. He was able to fight Doctor Octopus with the help of Miles and Gwen, and was also able to fight the Prowler by himself.

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