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"You took my family. And now I'm gonna make sure you never see yours again. "

Wilson Fisk is a crime lord also known as the Kingpin who secretly dominated New York City. Desperate to have his family back with him, Fisk was one of the people responsible for opening a gateway to the other dimensions with the Super-Collider. After killing the first Spider-Man, he was later defeated by his successor.


Early Life[]

Fisk's family (E-1610) 001

At an undetermined point in time, Wilson Fisk became the head of the company, Fisk Industries, while secretly becoming a major crime lord known as "The Kingpin". He also met and fell in love with a woman named Vanessa and with her fathered a son named Richard.

Wilson's criminal activities often put him in the sights of New York's own superhero, Spider-Man. Eventually becoming one of the recurring enemies of Spider-Man during the latter's ten years as a superhero, and, during one of their more brutal fights, his beloved wife Vanessa and their son Richard walked in and found him about to harm Spider-Man. Vanessa was horrified by her husband's true nature and left with Richard, leaving a distressed Kingpin and Spider-Man behind. Unfortunately, as a result of their quick getaway, the two were killed in a car accident, devastating Fisk.

Eventually, Kingpin also started to benefit the science research & development company known as Alchemax, with its CEO being Doctor Octopus, and amassed a group of several supervillains that he hired to be enforcers and henchmen on his payroll, such as Green Goblin, Prowler, Scorpion and Tombstone.

Still despaired over the loss of his family, Fisk had Alchemax build a device that could bring his family back together. For this, the Super-Collider was made, with Doc Ock helming the project, which would allow him to pluck a Vanessa and Richard, or more versions of them, from other dimensions.


Killing Spider-Man[]

The earthquakes caused by his collider eventually tipped off Spider-Man about his plot and, discovering its risks, attempted to stop him. During one of their test runs of the machine, Spider-Man tried to stop them and destroy the machine, but his attempt was foiled by Green Goblin, Prowler, and the successful run of the collider which caused an explosion, crushing Spider-Man beneath its debris and injuring him.

Spidey vs Kingpin (Peter E-1610) 002

Cornering Spider-Man, Fisk took off his mask. Before he could be killed by Prowler, Spider-Man told Fisk that while he was in the pat of the collider's beam, he found out his goal and that it wouldn't work. Infuriated, Fisk crushed Spider-Man with his fists, killing him instantly. Alerted by a noise above them, they noticed a boy watching them from afar and ordered Prowler to find and kill him.

Meeting others Spider-People[]

Fisk and Doc Ock would later discover the success of the machine, but instead of bringing his wife and son into their dimension, it had pulled in Spider-People instead due to Peter coming into contact with the beam. Motivated by this discovery and completely ignoring both Peter and Doc Ock's warnings about the machine possibly resulting in a black hole, Fisk gave Doc Ock a deadline of 24 hours to get the machine back up and running. Knowing that the Spider-People plan to stop them, he continued to have Prowler look for the younger Spider-Man.

Prowler was able to track Miles; once the boy felt confident that he wasn't being followed, Prowler called for the others and used Miles to lead them to the rest of the Spider-Gang, planning on killing any or taking the override key to prevent them from being able to stop the machine. Fisk went to the site along with them and watched from afar as Prowler managed to corner the young Spider-Man on the roof. Fisk gave Prowler the order to kill him, but when he defied his order, he immediately shot Prowler dead, angering the young Spider-Man who immediately swung away with the Prowler. Kingpin killing Prowler — who was the young Spider-Man, Miles Morales', uncle — angered him and fueled the boy's desire for revenge.

With the news of Spider-Man's death still fresh on the minds of most New Yorkers, Fisk took advantage and hosted a gala ostensibly in honor of the fallen hero, even inviting his widow Mary Jane Watson to the affair, on the night of the Super-Collider's next run as a distraction, held at his tower right above the machine. The Spider-Gang was able to sneak in, blending easily with the waiters in Spider-Man masks, and gained access to his private elevator that led directly to the collider.

Defeated by Spider-Man.[]

Venom Strike

His world's new Spider-Man, Miles managed to defeat his men, take control of the machine, and send the others home, but not before the machine malfunctioned and pulled in different objects from other dimensions, causing chaos within the collider's room and throughout Brooklyn. Angered, Fisk confronted him in battle. Though the machine did not fully succeed in bringing his wife and son, his family from other dimensions appeared in glitching flashes and witnessed him in battle with Spider-Man, mirroring his similar final encounter with his family before their deaths. A devastated Fisk furiously attacked and tried to kill Spider-Man, only for Spider-Man to get back up and attack him with a unique power he did not know: The Venom-Strike, electrocuting and incapacitating Fisk long enough to use his own body to push the button that caused the machine to implode and ultimately destroy it for good.

Miles trapped him in a big spider-web and left him in the air for all to see and for the cops to arrest.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Cunning intellect: Fisk is a criminal mastermind who was able to control at least a huge part of New York both in legal and illegal routes, all the while appearing like a benevolent businessman to the rest of the world. Fisk is able to gather enough allies for his goals, making them submissive through loyalty or fear.
  • Peak physical prowess: Fisk's physical abilities are at the pinnacle of human potential. His strength, speed, stamina, senses, agility, reflexes, accuracy, longevity, durability, healing time, flexibility and combat skills are practically superhuman. His large size, iron willpower, and combative power allows him to surpass his human limitations to go toe-to-toe against others with superhuman abilities like Spider-Man in physical confrontations.
    • Incredible strength and combat skills: Despite his lack of superpowers, Fisk is a strong and powerful fighter with tremendous and savage powerful physical strength. Fisk was able to brutally beat Miles down; he dodged and blocked some of his blows and webbing. The way he fights seems to be a mixture of various fighting styles.
    • Incredible endurance: Due to his immense stature, peak physical prowess, and unbending mental fortitude, Fisk has a practically inhuman endurance to pain. He took direct hits from Spider-Man and later Miles Morales who both possesses superhuman strength and kept fighting. During his fight against Miles, Fisk had a taxi flung at him, bumped into a crane, and landed onto Brooklyn Bridge with Miles' small body to break his fall yet none of them were enough to even tire him out. He was struck by Miles' Venom Strike and then hurled into the ceiling of the super collider, destroying it in the process but Fisk survived.


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  • The crime-web in blond Peter's Spider-Cave shows Kingpin connected to various super-villains from the comics who are otherwise not featured in the film. This includes Chameleon, Hammerhead, the Enforcers, Shocker, and the Rose. There is also a photo of Stan Lee among them
    • The identity of this universe's Rose is mysterious as in mainstream continuity, the Rose is Kingpin's son Richard Fisk.
  • One of the alternate versions of Richard and Vanessa which Kingpin sees are a young Matthew Murdock and Sister Maggie. In the comics, Matt is Kingpin's traditional superhero nemesis, "Daredevil".
  • In the film, Kingpin wears a traditional black suit while the comics version of the character has a distinctive white suit.
    • The white sweater over a black shirt which Kingpin wears in his flash-back scene is a reference to this original design.
  • Kingpin is not the first Marvel super-villain portrayed by Liev Schrieber, as he previously portrayed Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009).



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